Yearly events


Yearly events



o   Shrove Tuesday (Laskiainen)

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated seven weeks before Easter. It’s a big celebration here in Finland. Typical activities for the day are sledding, enjoying other outdoor sports and eating buns filled with whipped cream. Usually during the day our Hostess offers buns at YFK clubroom and in the afternoon there’s a big happening at Kaivopuisto, and also a lot of after-parties ;)

o   Sipi’s name day 15.2

Sipi Siintola is regarded as the unofficial founder/supporter of YFK, because of who the association has become what it nowadays is. In the honor of Sipi’s name day, our Hostess usually offers buns at the YFK clubroom in Viikki.

o   Anniversary Gala (Vuosijuhla)

The anniversary gala of YFK is usually celebrated the weekend after Sipi’s name day. The gala is an academic evening party consisting of a cocktail party, the actual celebration/ball which is a three-course dinner and an after party. The actual celebration is a very sophisticated event and the dress code is white tie.


o   Day before 1st of May

This is a big event in Finland, especially for students. During the day we have lot of different activities and parties going on. This is something you don’t want to miss!

o   May day/Walpurgis night/Labor day (Vappu) 1.5

This is a holiday .Lots of people gather around Ullanlinnanmäki to have a picnic after partying through the night.




o   Freshmen orientation week

During the last week of august there is traditionally lot of activities for the freshmen. There’s get-togethers, a city race and sport, board game and movie nights. You are very welcome to join all the activities, just contact your tutor, the freshmen coordinator or the vp of international affairs and ask more!

o   Welcome fair

The University of Helsinki arranges a two day welcome fair for all the arriving exchange students (usually in the end of august). There you have the possibility to get your student certificates, info about student life in Helsinki and get some official things done. You should really participate in this if you’re arriving in autumn.


o   Opening ceremony and festivities in the city campus

In the beginning of September there’s an opening festival for the starting of the new academic year. At the main buildings many associations and clubs present their selves, and later in the evening there’s a party.

o   Host’s pub crawl (Isännän suunnistus)

Host’s pub crawl is basically bar-hopping in Kallio-area with different kinds of tasks you have to perform in groups. Afterwards there’s a party at Käärmeenpesä.


o   Freshmen-sitsit (Tappisitsit)

This is an academic table party for the first timers, to teach them how to behave during the sitsit. Before this there’s usually also a song night where older students teach you most of the songs traditionally sang in sitsits.

o   Cabin trip (Tappimökki)

Every autumn we organize a trip to some cottage for the freshmen. All the exchange students are also very welcome to join in! Usually there’s a race and of course sauna in the evening. This is an experience you don’t want to miss! ;)


o   Smoke-jubilee (Savujuhla)

This is an elegant party we throw to celebrate that in 1980 the building of the pharmacy department did not burn down. It’s our second best occasion after the anniversary gala. It pretty much follows the sitsi traditions and the dress code is black tie/cocktail dress.

o   Pharmacy-cruise (Farmasian risteily)

Finnish Pharmaceutical Students’ Associations (FiPSA) arranges a 23 hour cruise for all the pharmacy students from Helsinki, Kuopio and Turku. This is a great opportunity to try out a Finnish style cruise and meet Finnish pharmacy students!


o   Pre-Christmas party (Pikkujoulut)

Every year the 4th year students organize a pre-Christmas party with christmas cookies, rice porridge, plays and of course music and dancing!

o   Independence Day of Finland 6.12

On the Independence Day evening students arrange a torch parade from Hietaniemi cemetery, past the Presidential Castle to the Senates’ Square. You can join in to feel the Finnish spirit while marching through the center of Helsinki.


Company theme nights

In company theme nights different pharmaceutical companies come to introduce themselves to us and/or present different products. The night usually consists of a presentation of the company (usually in Finnish unfortunately) and in the end the company in question serves some food and sometimes you also get a gift bag of the company’s products.
The presentations are in Finnish, but I'm sure that the presentatives of the company will be glad to give you some info in English also after the actual presentation.



Sitsit is an academic table party that is traditional in Finland and Sweden. It consists of a three-course dinner, drinking and singing. Different organizations have their own traditions and the dress code varies from different themes to formal and casual. Sitsit is a very unique thing which you should definitely experience before leaving Finland!


International nights

At least once in the autumn and once in the spring we throw a party with other student associations in Viikki for all our exchange students. There we have good music, nice people, some snacks and games, so bring yourself and friends with you to enjoy the night!


Board game nights

About once a month YFK organizes a board game night at Käärmeenpesä. We have lot of different games there, so join us for some nice board gaming!


General meeting of YFK

Once in a while we have general meeting to let our members know what’s going on in YFK and what decisions the executive board has made. There’s coffee and some small snack offered, and you can come to meet members of the board and ask if you have some questions on your mind.


In addition we also have different kinds of excursions (theatre, exhibitions), movie nights etc. to offer to our members!


The Black List

The black list has been implemented to make sure that everybody comes to the events they have registered. If they don’t, they are banned for a month from all the events that require registration (for example theme nights and sitsit). You can still participate on events that don't need registration. The black list is maintained by the executive board of YFK.

·         To avoid getting to the black list, you have to cancel your registration BEFORE the registration time ends OR get a replacement for yourself. In all of the cases you have to inform the person organizing the event.

·         If you're put on the black list, the organizer of the event will inform you of the matter, why it's happened and how long the ban will last.

So just remember to cancel on time if you can't make it to the events, and all will be good ;)