Exchange students

Exchange students

Coming to Helsinki for exchange or considering it? Helsinki Pharmacy Students’ Association, YFK for short, represents the local pharmacy students. Our aim is to provide the students many kinds of activities and we warmly welcome foreign students to join!


We organize lots of things from parties and balls to excursions, trips and board game nights. To complete your Finland-experience as an exchange student, we highly recommend you to join in the fun!


To join YFK, you must be studying pharmacy in Helsinki and be admitted by the board. Usually all exchange students coming to Helsinki are admitted as soon as we get their consent.


When you’ve left back to your home country and don’t want any more emails from YFK you can unsubscribe from our email list:

-          To unsubscribe: send an email “unsubscribe yfk-english[at] YourEmailAddress” to majordomo[at]

-          It’s important that you don’t write any extra text to the messages, because then the unsubscribing might not go through. Leave the subject field empty.


If you have any questions, you can contact our Vice President of International Affairs. Also if you have any questions about studying pharmacy in Helsinki or if you’re interested to know more about the organization of YFK, contact: Simo Hintikka (simo.hintikka[at]